SEEKA is coming to get ya!

And all of a sudden there’s SEEKA, the rock trio that warmed up Paradiso as a starter for N*E*R*D and Living Colour. This new indie/pop/rock band from Amsterdam consists of singer, guitar player and Alvin ‘Shad-O-Seeka’ Lewis, bass player Shanku Tuhusula and drummer Eddy Addai. Seeka provides a fresh mix, a melting pot of styles that provokes all kinds of creative inspirations and energies, but that turns out to be truly original every time. ‘We named it hip-rock: rock with past time dynamics and a hip-hop state of mind’, Alvin says. On April 13th 2012 the world will witness the release of SEEKA’s untitled debut album and after that, SEEKA will conquer the country live.

SEEKA is not devised or created. SEEKA arose. ‘It’s the fruit of broken relationships’, says front man Alvin Lewis, who has earned his credits as a stellar guitarist and all-round musician in the soul/jazz world over the past few decades. Alvin makes his mark on numerous albums, coupled with  the enormous amount of live gigs he’s rocked and he’s also made his mark on numerous productions. Lewis: ‘It’s always to serve someone or something. With SEEKA, I can do what I want – as a composer, musician and producer. The music came intuitively and the rest followed spontaneously’.

Lewis found the ideal musicians to complete his tight three-piece live formation: bass player Shanku Tuhusula and drummer Eddy Addai. Or, in his own words: ‘This simply had to be’. Eddy 'Drummakid' Addai’s roots go back to Ghana. His musical preferences are deeply rooted in hip-hop, rock, soul, gospel and pop. Eddy started in church and now works with Trijntje Oosterhuis and hip-hop artists such as Zwart Licht, Typhoon and Keizer. Shanku Tuhusula’s roots connect to another continent: Shanku is one half Moluccan, a quarter Indonesian and a quarter Dutch. His musical influences vary from Balinese Gamelan and Western classical music to Motown, Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius, The Last Poets, Audioslave, Kings Of Leon, The Strokes, Jamie Lidell and D’Angelo. As a trio these gents stand for a moksi alesi with a bite that will be devoured by today’s youngsters. They’ll ‘feel’ SEEKA’s mix of music styles, diversity and dynamics; and besides that, SEEKA brings the elements of surprise back to modern rock.

The live experience of SEEKA is mind blowing, because you can actually see the three guys while they’re under a spell. Three ‘black’ dudes playing rock.  Today, many people connect black artists to hip-hop en R&B. Definitely not with the black rock that evolved from the cultural brew of these three men, with guitar, bass and drums as main ingredients for a sturdy rockstravaganza with a touch of electro meets glamour.
It is straight from the heart, pure and honest. SEEKA is ready for it.

‘I’ve got this funny feeling tonight…’